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Special Department of Justice prosecutor Arthur Rizer

Arthur Rizer on 10 News ABC
10 News ABC

Arthur Rizer Prosecutor: A man accused of posing as a Marine major general at a Veterans of Foreign Wars party in Ramona to celebrate the birthday of the Marine Corps was arraigned Wednesday on a federal misdemeanor charge of making false claims about military decorations or medals. David Vincent Weber, 69, appeared in court out of custody and was ordered to post $15,000 bail.

Justin Constantine interviews Arthur Rizer

Justin Constantine interviews fellow wounded warrior Arthur Rizer about the RWTT program and dealing with his injury

Arthur Rizer Speech: College of Law Commencement, 2015: West Virginia University (17:50 – 38:00)

Arthur Rizer interview from FALLUJAH, IRAQ 05.18.2006 I Marine Expeditionary Force (Fwd)

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